When you are on holiday and traveling abroad, it is not always easy to know what to see, where to go and how to get there.

This is where a tourist guide comes in handy.

In the old days there was only one kind of guide, a person.

Today's technological world means that you no longer have to hire a personal guide or travel while carrying complicated maps and guide books.

The most convenient way of traveling is using the TourPal tourist guide app.

Traveling with our app is like having a personal guide with you that can guide you with a GPS based map, audio information about each stop in the tour, tips that can really make the difference in your holiday experience and much more.

For example thousands of tourists each day visit the Buckingham palace in London, but how many of them know what the flags that are waiving on the top of the palace mean? (Hint it has to do with the queen's location). Or how many know to go from there to the nearby lovely St James park to see the swans and squirrels? Also, did you know that in England all the swans belong to the queen?

This information and much more is provided to you when traveling with our tourist guide app.